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[Bug-indent] GNU indent: Version 2.2.9 is very buggy!

From: rolf . freitag
Subject: [Bug-indent] GNU indent: Version 2.2.9 is very buggy!
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 01:56:15 +0200


after an update of SuSE Linux now i have indent version 2.2.9 but that version 
has several bugs:

- a comment after \ causes a wrong error message

- many (most) "\" are DELETED by indent!

The deletions do destroy many source codes so that they can't be compiled!
Version 2.2.9 is not a beautifier; it's a code destroyer!
I reduced one program and attached this (for the compiler incomplete) program 
which shows these bugs.


Rolf Freitag

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