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eqin comments differ from implementation

From: arno formella
Subject: eqin comments differ from implementation
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 10:00:18 +0100


  using indent 2.2.10 I observed that the break-function-decl-args-end
long option was not recognized well.

  digging into the source I found that the comment of function "eqin"
says that "true" is returned when the two argument strings are equal,
however, its implementation returns "true" whenever the first argument
is a prefix of the second one, which explains the observed behavior.

  suggestion:  insert  the line

if(*s2) return false;

  just before asigning the value to achieve what I guess was intented.
(every pair of options but the two
"break-function-decl-args"-"break-function-decl-args-end" and
are prefix-free, which give a hint why the bug has been hidden for years :-).

best regards

Arno Formella

PS. remember the saying from Norm Schryer:
"If the code and comments disagree, both are probably wrong".

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