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Indent version 2.2.12; One other question...

From: David L. Paktor
Subject: Indent version 2.2.12; One other question...
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 10:24:01 -0700
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Also, one other question...

There is a passage that has me somewhat confused. It is in handletoken.c  now lines 1200 .. 1206.

It goes like this:

|    do||
||    {||
||        if (parse (lbrace) != total_success)||
||        {||
||            *file_exit_value = indent_error;||
||        }||
||    } while(0);|

The part that confuses me is the enclosing *do {* /<sequence>/ *} while(0);*

My understanding is that this simply means that the enclosed /|<sequence>|/   will be done, unconditionally, once only, in a manner that is exactly equivalent to simply ///|<sequence>|/ (or maybe |*{* /<sequence>/ *}*| if the enclosure gives some meaningful scope, which, in this instance, it does not) without the enclosing *|do {  } while(0);|*

Is there something subtle going on that somehow escapes me?

Please advise...


David L. Paktor
Sr Firmware Engineer — Embedded Software

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