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Re: some clean up, and what needs to be cleaned up

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: some clean up, and what needs to be cleaned up
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 10:01:06 -0500 (EST)

> Hi,


> I am commiting now some small fixes. Basically, I fixed one security bug
> (use of mktemp), and the output of ftpd (--help, --version). Some other fies
> that remove compiler warnings are also included. A pointer was dereferenced
> wrongly.
> Compiling with -Wall revealed some problems. Beside the warnings for the
> code which is not audited and GNU'ified yet, there is the problem with
> missing prototypes: We don't have a header for libinetutils. We need to
> think that over. There are a couple of other places which look suspicious,


> but this might be a transient problem. I will try to take care of that so
> that we have a -Wall clean inetutils at release time (or almost).
> What about all those sccsid tags? They are useful for our reference, so we
> know which code base this is. But I don't think that including the strings

Not really, imported from the BSD src tree.

> in the binary is useful, as the user can't get useful information from it.
> After all, we did a lot of modifications, and so the information in those
> tags is not correct for the current code. I suggest to replace those "#ifndef
> lint" checks with "#if 0". This also makes gcc happy.
> Now the next step is to review more code, and convert it to gnu standards.

Absolutely 8-).  And the good news, I'll be out of the cast 23 November 2000
Party !!!! Living la vida loca !

> Thanks,

Thanks for taking a look at those issues,  I'm getting pretty good
with my left hand so maybe able to help, albeit slowly.

> Marcus


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