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Re: Release?

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: Release?
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:54:34 -0500 (EST)

> Alain, what's the list of tasks stoping us from releasing inetutils?

Sorry for the delay, doing grep business.

- Backup the patch from Michael Vogth
  . or rather guarded with WITH_INTERNAL_LS macros or something.
  . or better have a real portable internalls (libls) but that is
    a big effort.
  . make this a configure option --whith-internal-ls

- The r* deamon commands are not working on Solaris(SVR4) because
  of the use of STREAMS, unfortunately my solaris box was decommission
  and I do not have root priviledge to any.

- More testing, at least run those utility as the default in a
  say GNU/Linux environment for a few weeks.

- whois move to obsolete the one by devnull and use in replacement
  Marco d'Itri's.  License issues are not clear with Marco's, is this
  own by FSF ?  Most utilities in inetutils are under BSD which is
  ok  although there is no major contributions to be under GPL or LGPL
  if it falls under BSD, seem just fine too.

After finishing with the loose ends with GNU grep and GNU mailutils
I could take care of business here.  GNU grep has priority because
some very nasty bugs, and GNU mailutils is also higher in the list.
If someone wants to take the lead, fine, if not it will have to wait
a little.

au revoir, alain
Aussi haut que l'on soit assis, on n'est toujours assis que sur son cul !!!

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