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Bug in the RSH

From: Stan Berka
Subject: Bug in the RSH
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 08:59:07 -0700


I'm running Cygwin on Win2000.  The rsh,  I use indicates it's your tool:

D:\wp\mwlogs\scripts>d:\cygwin\bin\rsh --version
rsh (GNU inetutils) 1.3.2

This rsh doesn't report when the permission is denied on the remote host. Just exits without any message.

Any ideas? Has this bug been fixed possible after I have downloaded the software?

Stan Berka
Pope & Talbot
Portland, OR
Stan Berka                 Programmer Annalyst
Portland, OR               Pope & Talbot
(503) 552-4315            Fax (503) 2202726

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