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[bug-inetutils] [sr #104441] inetuils 1.4.2 on sparc

From: William Harrington
Subject: [bug-inetutils] [sr #104441] inetuils 1.4.2 on sparc
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 23:54:06 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, sr #104441 (project inetutils):

I have something interesting regarding the problems in the previous

I have noticed that with glibc-2.4 it will work fine. With glibc-2.5/2.6 the
code is the same with memcpy and wordcopy, yet the bus error still occurs at
the memcpy.

What I have done is include the memcpy code from memcpy.c from the glibc 2.6
tree and also have wordcopy.c build along with the objects. What happens is a
ping that works.

Here is what I have done so far in my debugging of the code. What sparked my
curiosity was in netkit-base-0.17 ping util, the code that glibc memcpy (or
maybe it is actually wordcopy) does is in the ping source code. This may be a
glibc bug or an unexpected return from glibc for ping. I'm not sure of the
exact flow of things. Maybe this info will help.

Here is a link to the patch I use at this current time:


Basically it puts memcpy function into ping.c
It creates wordcopy.c (from glibc-2.6)
It creates memcpy.h (from glibc-2.6)
It creates pagecopy.h (from glibc-2.6)

With the patch these are the values of &tv1, tp, and tv1:

&tv1: -3109200     tp: 2136700     tv1: 056

Without the patch these are the values of &tv1, tp, and tv1:

&tv1: -5624144     tp: 2136700     tv1: 0

Hope this helps some. If the patch link doesn't work, leave me an address to
email it.


William Harrington


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