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Re: [bug-inetutils] ping: -c 0 vs. -c 3 as default..

From: Guillem Jover
Subject: Re: [bug-inetutils] ping: -c 0 vs. -c 3 as default..
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 20:13:26 +0200
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On Mon, 2009-04-27 at 07:33:42 -0400, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> Does anyone rember why we changed the default behaviour for ping from
> -c3 to -c0?
> I'd like tto write a very short rationale for it.. Cause I always
> forget why we changed it..

Your initial reasons (to change from -c0 to -c4) can be found in this


But later on you asked why this changed had been done and stated you hated


Then Sergey reverted it (git commit aaa12c18) to match traditional
implementations. Latest netkit's (0.17) ping does not stop after 4
pings, neither does iputils' ping.

I've also got a bug report in Debian recently about this:


And I don't think I've ever liked the change, and I'm happy it has
been reverted now, so I think I'll be packaging a git snapshot for
Debian pretty soon.


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