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[bug-inetutils] configure and sed.

From: Kristian Rainio
Subject: [bug-inetutils] configure and sed.
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 06:40:13 +0200

the --program-transform-name= causes problems in inetutils 1.7:
the sed-string 'address@hidden@s%^%in.%;s%in.inetd%inetd%' does not work anymore.
This should be passed to the new sed-instance?

sed regex mentioned above is elegant way to rename daemons to in.{ftp,telnet,talk}d and inetd as inetd.

Best regarding: Kristian Rainio <address@hidden>

PS: Happy new year.
/Kristian Rainio\
\ _______________/

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