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Re: [Bug-librejs] Bug in LibreJS 7.16: it is not compatible with a curre

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: [Bug-librejs] Bug in LibreJS 7.16: it is not compatible with a currently supported browser
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2018 08:12:31 +0000

to be clear, this was not a decision made by librejs - all add-ons that
are compatible with firefox versions less than 57 are not compatible
with firefox versions 57 and greater - AFAIK any addon that claims to
support both pre-v57 and post-v57 firefox versions is doing so by
offering 2 distinct add-ons: one of the pre-v57 (XUL) type, and one of
the post-v57 (WebExtensions) type - it would be nice if both version
could be supported but there is not enough developers on the project
currently; so the focus is on making one good version rather than 2
half-baked ones

the legacy version of librejs is now, and will always be available on
the GNU FTP server: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/librejs/ - if you are using a
browser based on firefox version less than 57 then there is no need to
install any new version of librejs - the version you have will continue
to work for as long as you keep it - if you want to use the
WebExtensions version of librejs on debian today, using a browser that
is officially supported by debian today, then you can get firefox v61
from debian today:


as a side note, another browser you (and other users) may find
interesting is the new iceweasel-uxp from the hyperbola project; which
is the default browser for the hyperbola system - it is a fork of the
firefox fork: 'basilisk'; which means that it will continue to suport
legacy add-ons indefinitely, but also is FSDG-compliant like iceweasel
and icecat - if enough people choose the option to continue using legacy
add-ons, then perhaps it may become justified for librejs to put some
attention into maintaining the legacy add-on; but it is not cler today
how much demand there is for that

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