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Re: [LibreJS home page] Proposed changes

From: Ruben Rodriguez
Subject: Re: [LibreJS home page] Proposed changes
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 15:36:10 +0200
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On 8/11/20 9:54 PM, Thérèse Godefroy wrote:
> Hello LibreJS maintainers,
> The main purpose of these changes is to make the page a little more
> user-friendly. Here is a summary:
> * Page structure
>  - Make two <h4> subsections in Downloads: installer (or whatever the
>   .xpi  file is called), and sources.
>  - Move Thanks to Get Involved.
>  - Replace links to the latest versions of .xpi and .tar.gz  with
>    buttons.
>    ==> To ease up maintenance, you could add "librejs-latest" symlinks
>        to the download area.
> * Text
>  - Rewrite some sentences to make link texts more meaningful
>    (no URL: screen readers spell them letter by letter).
>  - Explain that LibreJS can be instantly disabled or removed.
>    I think this is important.
> * Minor edits
>  - http > https where possible.
>  - Remove "http://www.gnu.org"; from license URL,
>  - Consistently capitalize nouns and adjectives in h3 headings
>    (another possibility would be to only capitalize the first word).
>  - Update to the current boilerplate.
> * Layout and style
>  - Move style definitions to <head>.
>  - Use em instead of px for consistency with layout.css.
>  - Use the LibreJS logo as the main heading.
>  - Make the note at the top of the page a bit less obnoxious;
>    I still don't like it, though, because it implies that LibreJS is
>    intended for beta-testers.
>  - Limit line width.
> A diff is attached. If you agree with the changes but don't have time
> to commit them right now, I will gladly do it.

Sorry for the late reply. I just applied the patch, thanks a lot!

> Best regards,
> Thérèse
> PS. In April 2019, a member of the French translation team contributed
> an unsolicited translation of the LibreJS home page. I figure you didn't
> want to use it because it would need updating at each new release of
> LibreJS. But if you create the "latest" symlinks, the page won't need to
> be updated very often. Then you might be interested in this translation.
> I would update it, and install it if you wish.

I missed that at the time, please go ahead with installing it if you
don't mind.


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