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bug#10247: [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 119 passed unexpectedly

From: David Fang
Subject: bug#10247: [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 119 passed unexpectedly
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 13:41:15 -0500 (EST)

Hi Libtoolers,
Testing 2.4.2 on powerpc-darwin8, I got just one lone test failure (119: darwin gdb debug failure). Otherwise, everything else looks good.

## ----------------------------- ##
## GNU Libtool 2.4.2 test suite. ##
## ----------------------------- ##

Shell option parser generator.

  1: short option splitting                          ok
  2: enhanced shell short option splitting           ok
  3: long option splitting                           ok
  4: XSI long option splitting                       ok
  5: option appending                               PASS: tests/quote.test
6: enhanced shell option appending skipped (getopt-m4sh.at:172)

Libtoolize operation.

  7: libtoolize macro installation                   ok
  8: libtoolize macro directory mismatch error       ok
  9: libtoolize macro serial update                  ok
10: libtoolize config files serial update PASS: tests/suffix.test
 11: diagnose missing LT_CONFIG_LTDL_DIR             ok
 12: copy ltdl.m4 with shared macro directory        ok
 13: correctly parse LTDL_INIT from configure.ac     ok
 14: diagnose missing LTDL_INIT invocation           ok
15: upgrading verbatim style aclocal.m4 PASS: tests/tagtrace.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-static.test
16: verbatim aclocal.m4 w/o AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR PASS: tests/demo-static.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-static.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-static.test
 17: nonrecursive ltdl with AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR      ok
 18: subproject ltdl with non-shared directories     ok
19: LIBTOOLIZE_OPTIONS PASS: tests/mdemo2-conf.test
 20: cleanup old installation                        ok

Testing libtool functions.

 21: standard command line options                   ok
22: mode short-hands PASS: tests/pdemo-conf.test
23: debug tracing PASS: tests/tagdemo-static.test
24: duplicate members in archive tests PASS: tests/cdemo-static-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-static-make.test
25: duplicate convenience archive names PASS: tests/depdemo-static-make.test
26: preserve duplicate convenience deps PASS: tests/mdemo-static-make.test
 expected failure (duplicate_deps.at:72)
27: passing CC flags through libtool PASS: tests/pdemo-make.test
28: passing CXX flags through libtool PASS: tests/tagdemo-static-make.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-static-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-static-exec.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-static-exec.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-static-exec.test
 29: passing F77 flags through libtool               skipped (flags.at:24)
 30: passing FC flags through libtool                skipped (flags.at:24)
 31: passing GCJ flags through libtool               skipped (flags.at:24)
32: inherited_linker_flags PASS: tests/cdemo-conf.test
PASS: tests/pdemo-exec.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-static-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-static-inst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-static-inst.test
33: C convenience archives PASS: tests/mdemo-static-inst.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-make.test
PASS: tests/pdemo-inst.test
34: C++ convenience archives PASS: tests/tagdemo-conf.test
PASS: tests/demo-static-unst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-static-unst.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-static-unst.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-exec.test
35: F77 convenience archives skipped (convenience.at:111) 36: FC convenience archives skipped (convenience.at:171) 37: Java convenience archives skipped (convenience.at:231) 38: Link order test PASS: tests/demo-conf.test
39: Link order of deplibs PASS: tests/depdemo-conf.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-conf.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-shared.test
 skipped (link-order2.at:145)
40: Failure tests PASS: tests/tagdemo-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-make.test
 41: shlibpath_overrides_runpath                     ok
42: Runpath in libtool library files PASS: tests/depdemo-make.test
43: static linking flags for programs PASS: tests/mdemo-make.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-shared-make.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-exec.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-exec.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-exec.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-shared-exec.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-shared.test
PASS: tests/demo-inst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-inst.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-inst.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-undef.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-shared-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-unst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-unst.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-unst.test
 44: ccache -all-static                              ok
45: Export test PASS: tests/depdemo-nofast.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-undef-make.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-shared-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-deplibs.test
 46: sys_lib_search_path                             ok
47: sys_lib_search_path on w32 skipped (search-path.at:83)
 48: indirect convenience                            ok
49: indirect uninstalled PASS: tests/mdemo-dryrun.test
50: static library contains static library expected failure (archive-in-archive.at:56) 51: both of -o prog and -o prog$EXEEXT work skipped (exeext.at:29) 52: execute mode PASS: tests/demo-nofast.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-nofast-make.test
PASS: tests/cdemo-undef-exec.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-undef.test
PASS: tests/mdemo2-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-nofast-make.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-nofast-exec.test
53: bindir basic lib test PASS: tests/tagdemo-undef-make.test
PASS: tests/mdemo2-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-nofast-exec.test
54: bindir install tests PASS: tests/depdemo-nofast-inst.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-shared.test
PASS: tests/tagdemo-undef-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-nofast-inst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-nofast-unst.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-shared-make.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-shared.test
PASS: tests/demo-nofast-unst.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-shared-exec.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-shared-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-pic.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-shared-inst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-shared-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-pic-make.test
PASS: tests/mdemo-shared-unst.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-shared-inst.test
PASS: tests/demo-pic-exec.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-relink.test
PASS: tests/demo-nopic.test
PASS: tests/depdemo-shared-unst.test
PASS: tests/demo-nopic-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-nopic-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-shared.test
PASS: tests/demo-shared-make.test
PASS: tests/demo-shared-exec.test
PASS: tests/demo-shared-inst.test
PASS: tests/demo-hardcode.test
PASS: tests/demo-relink.test
PASS: tests/demo-noinst-link.test
PASS: tests/demo-shared-unst.test
All 106 tests passed
 55: cwrapper for uninstalled executables            ok
56: cwrapper string length skipped (cwrapper.at:190)
 57: cwrapper and installed shared libraries         ok
 58: deplib in subdir                                ok
 59: inferred tag                                    ok
 60: CXX inferred tag                                ok
61: F77 inferred tag skipped (infer-tag.at:56) 62: FC inferred tag skipped (infer-tag.at:70) 63: GCJ inferred tag skipped (infer-tag.at:84)
 64: localized compiler messages                     ok
65: nocase library search skipped (nocase.at:31)
 66: Install tests                                   ok
 67: versioning                                      ok


 68: Simple DESTDIR install                          ok
 69: DESTDIR with in-package deplibs                 ok

Support for older m4 interface.

 70: AM_PROG_LIBTOOL                                 ok
 71: AC_WITH_LTDL                                    ok

Libtool subdir-objects support.

 72: C subdir-objects                                ok
 73: C++ subdir-objects                              ok

Libltdl functionality.

 74: lt_dlexit unloading libs                        ok
 75: lt_dlopenadvise library loading                 ok
76: lt_dlopen error messages expected failure (lt_dlopen.at:101)
 77: lt_dlopen archive                               ok
 78: lt_dlopenext error messages                     ok
 79: libdir of installed modules                     ok
 80: ltdl API                                        ok
 81: dlloader API                                    ok
82: loadlibrary error messages skipped (loadlibrary.at:250) 83: syntax of .la files expected failure (lalib-syntax.at:133)
 84: resident modules                                ok
 85: SList functionality                             ok
 86: enforced lib prefix                             ok

Standalone Libltdl.

 87: compiling softlinked libltdl                    ok
 88: compiling copied libltdl                        ok
 89: installable libltdl                             ok
 90: linking libltdl without autotools               ok

Subproject Libltdl.

 91: compiling softlinked libltdl                    ok
 92: compiling copied libltdl                        ok
 93: installable libltdl                             ok
 94: linking libltdl without autotools               ok

Nonrecursive Automake Libltdl.

 95: compiling softlinked libltdl                    ok
 96: compiling copied libltdl                        ok
 97: installable libltdl                             ok

Recursive Automake Libltdl.

 98: compiling softlinked libltdl                    ok
 99: compiling copied libltdl                        ok
100: installable libltdl                             ok

C++ template tests.

101: simple template test                            ok
102: template test with subdirs skipped (template.at:289)


103: C++ static constructors                         ok
104: C++ exception handling                          ok

libtool script generation.

105: config.status                                   ok
106: config.lt                                       ok
107: test --with-pic skipped (with-pic.at:28)

Libtool usage in GCC

108: AC_NO_EXECUTABLES                               ok

Detecting identical deplibs.

109: build tree relpaths expected failure (deplibs-ident.at:68)

configure interface to libltdl.

110: installable libltdl                             ok
111: --with-ltdl-include/lib                         ok
112: --with-included-ltdl                            ok
113: convenience libltdl                             ok

Libtool stress test.

114: Link option thorough search test                ok
115: Run tests with low max_cmd_len                  ok
116: override pic_flag at configure time skipped (pic_flag.at:39)

Mac OS X tests

117: darwin fat compile skipped (darwin.at:42)
118: darwin concurrent library extraction            ok
119: darwin gdb debug information                    UNEXPECTED PASS
120: darwin ld warnings changing configure results   ok
121: darwin can lt_dlopen .dylib and .so files       ok

Windows tests.

122: dumpbin -symbols section hiding skipped (dumpbin-symbols.at:42)
123: deplibs without file command                    ok

sysroot tests

124: -L=.../lib -l skipped (sysroot.at:203) 125: -L SYSROOT/.../lib -l skipped (sysroot.at:204) 126: SYSROOT/.../*.la skipped (sysroot.at:205)

## ------------- ##
## Test results. ##
## ------------- ##

ERROR: 102 tests were run,
1 passed unexpectedly.
24 tests were skipped.
## -------------------------- ##
## testsuite.log was created. ##
## -------------------------- ##

Please send `tests/testsuite.log' and all information you think might help:

   To: <address@hidden>
   Subject: [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 119 passed unexpectedly


David Fang

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