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Re: 1.5.7

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: 1.5.7
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 01:07:13 +0200

I was happy to see that several weird grace note bugs have
disappeared compared to 1.5.6. On the other hand, the following 
bug is new to 1.5.7, look at the first bar line:


  <\context Staff=vi \notes\relative c''{
    \key d \major
    \time 2/2
    \partial 8
    a16_#'(italic "piano") a \bar "||"
    \grace g8 fis8. () g16 b () a g fis \grace fis8 e8. () fis16 a () g fis e |
    fis () d g e fis () d e cis d8 a d a'16. () a32 |
  \context Staff=vlc \notes\relative c{
    \key d \major
    \time 2/2
    \clef bass
    \partial 8
    r8 |
    d4 d a a |
    d8 b' a a, d4 r |

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