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Re: 1.5.9 bugs

From: J. David Blackstone
Subject: Re: 1.5.9 bugs
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 14:55:36 -0500

> Rune Zedeler <address@hidden> writes:
>> The tagline says 1.5.1 (not 1.5.9)
> Then there's probably an installation problem: you're using init files
> from 1.5.1, and they're incompatible with 1.5.9.
> Jan.

  In the past 36 hours or so, I've discovered that you can cause some
real heartache if you get your installations confused.  My advice is
when you install, keep the directory you compiled in lying around.
When you are ready to upgrade, type make uninstall in that directory
before uncompressing and compiling the new version.

  Alternatively, building RedHat packages seems to work wonderfully.
Then you can have confidence that uninstalling the package got rid of
everything, and you can keep the package around to reinstall later if
something's wrong with the new version.  Of course, if you are making
changes and recompiling, it's a lot quicker to not have to rebuild a
whole rpm, so for the small amounts of tinkering I've been doing, I
just use the regular configure/make/make install/make uninstall cycle.


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