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Spacing totally off in 1.5.14.mb

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Spacing totally off in 1.5.14.mb
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 18:52:22 +0200

in 1.5.14 with Mats' patch (and probably also without) the spacing in
this ex is totally fucked.
Notice the accidental clashes and especially the clef changes in measure
2 - that are totally covered with noteheads.

\include "deutsch.ly"
righta = \notes \transpose c'' {
 as'16 des' c'8 h~h c'16 \clef F [e,!16 f, g,] |
 [as, h,,] \clef G [<c8 a> c16 c'] c4.
leftb = \notes {
 f'8. \clef G \transpose c'' {[e!16( f g] [as des] [c8 h,]~ |
 h,} \clef F [<c f> <b,! e!>] <a,!8. eis^1> h,16 c d |
\score { \notes
     \context Staff = up { \clef G \time 6/8 \righta}
     \context Staff = down { \clef F \time 6/8 \leftb }
  \paper {
    linewidth = 14.0 \cm


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