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Investment Relationship

From: Abubakar Usman
Subject: Investment Relationship
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 05:11:14 +0000

FAX     -234-1-7597157    
ATTN:   THE    PRESIDENT                        
I   understand   that this letter will be of great surprise to you ,Especially 
as it comes from a stranger .I am PRINCE ABUBAKAR USMAN from the republic of 
Angola. The Johannesburg chamber of commerce and Industry   intimated me about 
your credibility.    
On the 18th of November 2000, the rebel leader JONAS SAVIMBI commissioned my 
father the head of Armed and Ammunition Procurement   Division ,  and was sent 
on a mission to NIGERIA with the sum of  (US$30Million United State Dollars) to 
enable him stay there and negotiate  with any of the Europe or America country 
as regards the buying and shipment of arms and ammunition into my country . 
This money was conveyed to NIGERIA through diplomatic means and was deposited 
at a Security Company in  NIGERIA  by my father, while he was negotiating the 
arms deal.

During the middle part of last  year ,we had an urgent message from my father 
demanding my mother and I to come to NIGERIA because he was very sick at that 
time . After four days of our arrival he died and left a message for us about 
the  Metal  box at a security company containing $30Million US Dollars .  He 
instructed me to finish the Mission .  but my mother objected my fathers WILL 
for two reasons.   

 1.She have  resolved to end the war in my country.
.2. She needed oversea medical attention for her heart disease 

So , we thus agreed to look for a God fearing person
oversea who can assist us in transferring these fund
into  his or her personal/company account. We are
soliciting for your assistance on this matter ;as this
stands to be the only hope for the future survival of
the Family. Presently  we are seeking asylum in
Nigeria ,since it became necessary for us to live my
country completly for security reasons ; fortunately
enough this company have a Branch in Office in HollAND,
for fear  of discovery  we  have discussed with the
company  as regards transferring the boxes to there
Holland Office, but for the fact that we have not got
any contact from out side Africa for now we are unable
to give them a go ahead. This is the more reason why we
are contacting you . We  chase to disclose the content
of what is the boxes to the company for security reasons.
Here in Nigeria ;we have limited right to invest this
fund ; considering the means in which the money was
acquired, and Nigeria been a African  Nation ,Hence we
tolk this decision .In antipation of your assistance
we have agreed to give: 30% of the total sum ,10%
mapped out to cover any expenses that may be incuried
in course of transferring these fund, 60% for
me and my family.  We wish to invest this fund in your
country ,this transaction is 100% risk free as we have
concluded all necessary arrangments before contacting

We expert your favourable  response, indicate your
private Telephone and Fax numbers for easy
comunication. Upon comfirming  your readiness to assist
we shall get all  necessary document including the
certificate of  Deposite  made in your name as it was
merely deposited by my father as family valuables.

We expert to here from  you .
Yours  Faithfully,

Abubakar   Usman.

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