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Software development / ref:6360

From: Info
Subject: Software development / ref:6360
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:46:52 +0100 (CET)

Bishkek, October 2001

Concerns: Profitable collaboration

Dear Madam, Sir.

The contents of your web-site, the information therein concerning your realized projects, way of working, and/or the products offered invited me to approach you with an invitation for collaboration in the field of software development, documentation and maintenance.

When approaching (potential) customers for the realization of (parts of) projects in information technology (possible) suppliers use (to) frequently a model that should be fit for any project

Such an approach is (frequently) wrong and leads to disappointed customers and suppliers. A more preferred approach is to determine the way of working based on the characteristics of a project, learning to know each other and above all knowing each others possibilities, expectations and limitations.

We therefore prefer to work out the advantages, disadvantages (they exist) and the risks involving the outsourcing of software development or parts thereof in collaboration with you. We trust that a good and above all communicative approach of collaboration will lead to an important reduction in the development en production costs. Such a cost reduction is above all possible since the actual programming and documentation work will be executed in Kyrgystan, Central Asia.

If you are interested and feel the desire to exchange opinions and thoughts concerning the above than feel free to contact us on our web site www.it-ts.com, or www.exa-it.com the web site of our partner in The Netherlands. The contact will give us both the opportunity to see if collaboration in a profitable manner belongs to the possibilities.

Feel free to ask questions of any nature concerning our activities. We are there to serve you.

Kind regards.
J. Brouwer

Office 400, 172 Moskovskaya, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Phone: 996 (+312) 21-59-64, Email: address@hidden

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