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Grace notes, accidentals and docu problems ...

From: Dirk Zeckzer
Subject: Grace notes, accidentals and docu problems ...
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 19:31:05 +0200


I collected some bugs/features, missing features in lilypond 1.5.x
Latest version tested: 1.5.47

Grace notes:
1. Grace notes work quite well since 1.5 but I'm missing a feature.
   Example 1 can not be compiled using lilypond.
2. If grace notes are appended first all notes in all voices connected to the
   same beat as the main note are set before the grace notes start. I have
   seen an example in literature where the grace notes start as soon as
   possible after the main note.

   voice 1:      O             <grace notes>
   voice 2:      o' o' o' o'

   voice 1:      O <grace notes>
   voice 2:      o' o' o' o'

   where O is a half note and o' are eight's.

Overlapping accidentals:
3. Flats may overlap, e.g. if you have violin key and a <b es'>-chord the two
   accidentals overlap (see example 2).

4. If the documentation is not split, you get
     ./Documentation/user/out-www/lilypond.html which is ok
   and the directory
   which contains lilypond.html and 4 links
   The links in
   point to the files in the directory.

   Unfortunately, the lilypond.html in this directory does not contain any
   documentation at all. Only the index and the links to other lilypond docs.

By the way, lilypond works for me for both Mandrake 7.2 and 8.1. I use
the sources and not the rpms. (There was a thread about lilypond not working
on mandrake distributions, I remember.)

Thanks for developing lilypond,

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