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Re: Grace notes, accidentals and docu problems ...

From: Dirk Zeckzer
Subject: Re: Grace notes, accidentals and docu problems ...
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 22:07:53 +0200


1. The patch plus the context work-around works alright, although the beams of
   the grace notes and the other beam cross each other.

2. The idea of using space notes in a second voice does not work. I get at most
   something like

   voice 1:    O  g    g    g
   voice 2:    o'   o'   o'   o'

   for <c2 {s8 \grace{ ... } s8 \grace{ ... } s8 \grace { ... } s8 }>
       c,8 c,8 c,8 c,8

   that is both grace notes and the notes of the second voice alternate.


filename  = "bugs-3.ly"
title     = "Bugs 3"

\version "1.5.0"

voiceA = \notes{
        \time 6/8 
        \clef violin
        \key c \major
        <c''2 ( { s8 \grace { [c''16 c''16] } s8 \grace { [c''16 ) c''16]} s8 
{ [c''16 c''16]} s8 }> c''4

voiceB = \notes{
        \time 6/8 
        \clef violin
        \key c \major
        c'8 c'8 c'8 c'8 c'8 c'8
        \context Staff =  staffA<
        \context Staff =  staffB<

to see the result of using space notes.

-- Dirk

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