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1.4.12 stem direction bug

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: 1.4.12 stem direction bug
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 14:25:05 +0200

In the following example, the automatic stem direction engine does strange 
choices that result in a weird beam vertical offset, so I have to use 
\stemUp/Down manually:

\version "1.4.12"
\score {
  \notes \relative c'' {
  \key g\major
  [d8 \times 2/3 {g16 fis e]} \times 4/6 {[d a b c d c]}
[<b8 d, g,> \times 2/3 {g'16 fis e]} % <--- here
  \times 4/6 {[<d d,> <a d,> <b d,> <c d,> <d d,> <c d,>]} |
  [<b8 d,> \times 2/3 {<b16 d, g,> d b]} \times 4/6 {[<b16 d, g,> d b
    <b16 d, g,> d b]} [<b8 d, g,> \times 2/3 {e16 d c]} \times 4/6 {[b c d c 
b a]} |


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