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Re: CygWin gsview32

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: CygWin gsview32
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 15:44:20 +0200

I just tried the new GSview installation on my windows machine.
It didn't work perfectly but I think I have sorted out some facts:

- On Windows 2000, the gsview.ini file isn't read from 
  $WINDIR (='C:\WINNT\') but from $USERPROFILE 
  (='C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>'). I don't know
  if there is anything like $USERPROFILE in Win95/97 or we
  need some extra testing in the post-gsview.sh file.

- You need administrators permissions to make the registry
  settings done in /etc/postinstall/post-gs.sh it's not enough
  even to be a "Power user".

- It's difficult to have two coexisting GSview installations.
  On our standard installation, we have the latest GSview
  installed as a Windows application. Before I did the installation
  as administrator, only my "Windows version" gs7.00 was found by
  the Lilypond version GSview, which didn't work at all.
  Now, I have both gs versions in the registry so GSview asks about
  which one I want to use. Then I have to quit GSview, but the next
  time I run it it works well. If I have used the other GSview 
  inbetween, I have to repeat this procedure since the same
  gsview32.ini file is used by both versions. The conclusion is
  I should stick to one of the programs.


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