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Chord troubles

From: David Strandberg
Subject: Chord troubles
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 08:03:24 -0700 (PDT)

I'm having some trouble with chords.  I'm using the
jazz style override as shown below:

\context ChordNames = jazz {
  \property ChordNames.ChordName
  \override #'style =   #'jazz

But I can't get an altered Bb chord to print.  When
you see a "Bb alt." it's usually a Bb7 +5 +9, and
sometimes just Bb7+9 for short.  Using "bf:7.9+" to
define this, I get a Bb maj7 +9, which is wrong. 
Using "bf:7-.9+" is even more strange:  I get
something that looks almost right, except there's a
flat sign instead of the 7.  Also, the chord's
accidentals and numbers are too low.  Is this a
problem for anyone else?  I'm using Lilypond 1.4.11.

I put up a tiny web page with examples; the original
source (The Real Book), lilypond output, and the
lilypond source.  It's at

Lilypond is great stuff, but I'd love to see the
accidentals and numerals moved up to the superscript
position.  I believe the Bb7+9 thing is a serious bug.
 Also, it would be great to actually have a bf:7\alt
chord type, but I could get by with "Bb7+9".

Anyone else having these problems?  



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