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Contexts do not inherit...

From: jeremie
Subject: Contexts do not inherit...
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:49:36 +0200

I've noticed what I'd call a bug (but really doesn't look like one),
when creating an instance of a Voice inside a voice using the voicify
function. The bug isn't related to the function but rather how
Lilypond threats the newly created voice:

  \context Voice = voiceI < \notes \transpose c''' \sequential {
    \property Voice.NoteHead \set #'style = #'diamond
    a4 b c d e f g
      { a8 b c d d c b a } \\
      { f g a b b a g f }

The created voices don't inherit the properties of the one which
contains them. This can be a real problem sometimes (though I won't
pretend that want both of the created voices to have \stemUp anyway).
Maybe it's a choice — but it should be probably be left to the user.

And I'll skin anybody who suggest doing this:

  prop = \notes {
    \property Voice.NoteHead \set #'style = #'diamond

... and reusing \prop to set all properties.

Best regards,
 Jérémie                          mailto:address@hidden

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