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From: Scott Li
Subject: Update
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 23:32:14 -0500



As most of you know, my Name is Scott Li and I wrote most of you last week. I told you about my friend unemployment situation. For those who didn’t get this or forgotten what I wrote. Then just scroll down to the bottom for a recap. I wanted to update all of you as to what has happen and is going to happen.


Before I get into him, let me answer a few question most of you are asking. First I’ll tell you how I got your email address. This seems to be everyone number one question.

I sent out two sets of emails. The first was from a list I got from an intern at Harvard University career services. The second set came from the internet. What I did was enter keyword search for “Employment Agent” and “Recruiters” in a special program I’m testing for a school project. The results came back 85% Agents, Employers, and Recruiters. 15% not being related to the key word search. This was determined according to the replies I was getting from the second set.

Another top question I’m getting is why his unemployment insurance was running out in such a short time frame. Well, one of his employers didn’t pay into the unemployment insurance program. This resulted in a lost of benefit. You may want to check with your employer to see if their paying into unemployment for you.

Another question I’m getting is why he doesn’t apply himself. Well, I think anyone would apply if they knew who you were. Heck, I didn’t know who you were until I sent out that email begging for help. This man has sent out over 3700 resumes within the past few months. He may have already sent you one. Below is a link to his Resume in the event you may have lost it.


A few people actually ask me this question. “Isn’t this guy to old to be making babies.” The people who are asking this question come from reputable recruiting firms. Here is your answer. Back in 1979 this man adopted 4 Southeast Asian female. His Doctor at the time told him that both he and his wife were not able to produce children. Therefore, they went out and adopted. Now that the 4 girls are grown and have lives of there own. They are blessed with there very own child who will be coming to this world next month. And it’s going to be a boy. This was not a planned event. But it is something that is most welcome.

Here is something a few readers were very angry about. “Why did you remove his contact information?” Apparently there are those who truly needed that information to call him for a possible position they may have had. For that purpose I release that information to the company that requested it. Then I got a group of ladies accusing me of removing his info so that he would not be able to receive donations. Well, I’m not for this at all. But they did make a really good point. I was informed that even though their a few Recruiters actively helping him, they will need some form of financial assistance to keep that family together. Also, do to the fact that their will be a baby coming in a few weeks increases the need for assistance. Therefore, I did setup a PayPal account for them. I’ll include the link.

I got some very positive feed back from those I emailed last week. About 45% those who view his Resume, found it to be weak, awful, and too long. The sad thing is he paid a firm in Boston Massachusetts to write it. He was told it would get his foot in the door. 


Many readers wanted to help but were not able to. A few recruiters jumped right in and began sending out his resume to potential employers. Many Directors are giving him some really good advice and tips on how to get and survive an interview. Now, remember the 15% that did have any connection with my key word search? They seem to be the most resourceful of all. One gentleman is trying to get him a position as a “mud logger” with an oil and gas company. Another gentleman is trying to get him a position as a Loan Officer. Another gentleman is working on getting him a position as a seaman. Now we are just waiting.

Just one note before I leave you all. In my search to help out my friend, I found many other people out of work as well. There profession is CEO’s, Nurses, Oil workers, Executive’s Accountants, and Retail managers. Any Recruiter able to help them out?

I’ll keep you all posted.


His Resume             ;                  Donation


Scott Li




Dear Sir,

I’m sending you a Resume of a friend of mine. He is in desperate need of a
job, and I hope you
are able to help him out. The reason I’m sending this to you is because I
used a program to seek
out “Employment Agent” on Yahoo that lead me to your email address.

Please let tell you about his situation.

He is a 46 year old white male who is married with a child due in January
2003. His
unemployment benefits will run out on Christmas week with no extension.

Although this mans resume looks weak. He has been employed as a Consultant
assignments not lasting more then a year. He has successfully completed
every assignment with
excellent reference. The Resume listed below was rewritten by a recruiter
who informed him
that it would open many doors for him. Well, look it over and you tell me…

I fear that if he is unable to find a job by the end of this month. He may
have to send his wife
and unborn son to live with friends 1600 miles away while he looks for
work out of a shelter.

Now I’m not asking you to send money, or take up any kind of collection
for him. What I’m
requesting, is that you help him land a job. Although he is from
Massachusetts, he is willing to

Now, so that I don’t further humiliate this man, I’ve removed his street
address information from
his resume. If you want to contact him, here is his e-mail address
address@hidden and
his first name is Roy. Please don’t inform him of this letter. Kindly tell
him you got his Resume
off the internet. He has it posted on Dice, Monster, Yahoo, and others.


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