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additions dutch translation

From: Arent
Subject: additions dutch translation
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:26:54 +0100

A few additions for the dutch translation within

ancient minor scale -> authentieke mineurtoonladder
conjunct movement -> trapsgewijze beweging
disjunct movement -> sprongsgewijze beweging
dominant none chord -. dominant none akkoord
functional harmony -> functionele harmonie
inverted interval -> omgekeerd interval
long appogiatura -> lange voorslag
meantone temperament -> middenstemming, middentoonstemming
relative key -> paralleltoonsoort
slur -> fraseringsboog, legatoboog, streekboog
temperament -> temperatuur
basso continuo -> basso continuo, becijferde bas
tie -> overbinding, bindingsboog

'This document is also available in gzipped PostScript and PDF. '
both links give a 404

Arent Storm

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