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Re: \repeat volta 3

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: \repeat volta 3
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 14:25:14 +0100
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Sounds reasonable, even though I can't recall having seen this construct
in any printed music. A more generic solution could be to add a property
to force printing of the volta bracket even if there is no \alternative
section. Then it could be used also if someone for some strange reason
wants the same feature also for \repeat volta 2{...}, for example.

In the mean time, I hope you know that the desired layout can be
obtained using the repeatCommands property. To see an example, go
to lilypond.org, click on Documentation:Index and then on
"tips-and-tricks" ans search for the example repeat-manual.ly.


address@hidden wrote:

Im my opinion, the command \repeat volta 3 {...} should produce the volta 

1.--3.         |

on the last measure of the repeat, even if the command \alternative is not 


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