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Re: no flags replace broken beam

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: no flags replace broken beam
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 12:29:40 +0100
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The automatic breaking of beams currently only takes the relative timing
within the current bar into account, see
I dare say that your example is fairly non-standard.

Regarding the workaround, there's no need to turn off autoBeaming
completely, it's enough to manually specify the beams that the
Lilypond doesn't handle correct automatically.


Thomas Willhalm wrote:

thank you for providing such a great tool as lilypond for free. The following behaviour in lilypond 1.6.7 is probably not intentional. If a line break is forced between two notes that are connected by a automatically generated beam, no flags replace the beam. Here is an example:

melodie = \notes \relative c'' {
 \partial 2 r8 g g e | g4 g e8()c4. | r8 g' g a g \breathe  \bar "empty"
 g g e | f4 f d8()b4. | r8 g' g a g \breathe \bar "empty" \break
 g g e | g4 g e8()c4. | r8 g' g a g \breathe \bar "empty" \break
 g g e | g g g g f d4. | c4 r
 \bar "|."
\score {
  \context Staff \melodie
  \paper { }

 \property Staff.autoBeaming = ##f
and set all beams by hand.

Best regards

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