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From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: R^\fermata
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 12:20:06 +0200
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With lily 1.6.9, fermatas (and probably other ornaments too) disappear when 
they are over a R. I guess this has to do with the fact that one R can result 
in multiple rests, making it hard to decide which one the fermata belongs to. 
But (as in my case) there could be a need for having a fermata over a 
whole-rest symbol which is centered in the bar.

One possibility is to decide that an ornaments set on a R refers to the first 
(alt. last) of the rest symbols the R generates.

In this case, it's not obvious how Score.skipBars would be handled. E.g., 
either a R1*10^\fermata could turn into a R1^\fermata R1*9, or there could be 
one multi measure rest with a fermata over it. Does not really matter, since 
any result the user wants can be achieved by splitting the R manually.

Here's some code that illustrates the problem:

\version "1.6.9"
\score {\notes {
  \time 3/8


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