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Seeking Business Opportunities/ Partners

From: Khaled Ahmed Adel
Subject: Seeking Business Opportunities/ Partners
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 18:07:02 +0800

Dear Sir/ Mdm.,

Please find below a brief summary about the Company, Tricubes Computers Sdn.
Tricubes was founded in 1995 to spearhead the design and development of
handheld computers and software solutions to read and authenticate the
Malaysian ID card, a project involving the implementation of the world's
first multi-application chip card.  The result was a highly integrated
handheld Microsoft Windows CE computer incorporating wireless technology and
a fingerprint scanner. Since then more than 3000 units have been sold in 7
Everyday, over 40 Tricubes engineers are responsible for designing new
technologies and solutions to meet our customers' needs so they in turn can
meet the challenges within their organizations and industries. The result,
has been an increase in the number of technology solutions that we provide
our customers, ranging from meeting the authentication requirements of a
Hong Kong Immigration officer to summons issuance and payment for a Traffic
Dept in the city of Cannes, France.
2003 saw Tricubes rolling out new products such as the Tripaq 3800 and a new
wireless customer centric software to enhance its offerings in 3 solution
segments - Mobile Workforce Solutions (MWS), Secure Access and
Authentication (SAA) and Electronic Payment Systems (EPS).
Supported by an experienced team of professionals from Sales to Customer
Service, Tricubes Computers is well positioned to meet the demanding needs
of its global customers.

Tricubes provides a complete end-to-end solution for the secure and mobile
enterprise market.
EPNCR is the exclusive distributor for Tricubes products. It also focuses on
application development and solution providing.
* Tricubes Secure Handheld Mobile Computers series 1010/1020
* Sekure I/II
* Door Access
* Tripaq

Tricubes 1010/1020 Software Development Kit. A target Platform Compiler for
Microsoft embedded Tools packaged together with a comprehensive set of
Examples and Help files.
A library for rapid application development surrounding the Malaysian
Government, MyKad MyKad Application (formerly known as GMPC)
The application consists of the following information:
National ID
Driving License
Health Information

TMMS: Tricubes Mobile Middleware Solutions is a suite of application that
enables wireless devices (Win CE) to interface with the backend server.
Mobile banking
Mobile payment (debit, credit & e-cash)
Road Transport Department
Health Ministry
Police Department


Others: ATM Bank Machines and its media & accessories, Computers &
peripherals, Outsourcing Maintenance Services, etc..
Please feel free to contact us if you see that our product range would fit
into your projects and feel free to contact me as per details below or you
could visit our website www.tricubes.com
Khaled Ahmed Adel
Vice President of Customer Services Division
Tricubes Computers Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 18.01, 18th floor,
Menara Tan & Tan,
207 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 006 03 2055 3083
Fax: 006 03 2164 7211
email: address@hidden
email: address@hidden

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