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fingering chords

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: fingering chords
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 14:31:30 -0400

I don't understand what the "-^" is all about, so I have substituted
a 4 for that particular caret.

Quoting the online development manual:


A chord is formed by a enclosing a set of pitches in << and >>. A chord 
may be followed by a duration, and a set of articulations, just like 
simple notes.

Additionally, fingerings and articulations may be attached to 
individual pitches of the chord:

       <<f-1 a-4 c-5>>
[picture of music] 

Unfortunately, the fingerings are attached to the wrong notes, because
the "-" did not place the fingers in front of the notes they modify.  
Fingering should always apply to the *closest* note when individual 
notes are fingered, at least that is the way it used to be done before 
some 20th century typesetters decided to make it easier for themselves 
at the expense of readibility and the considerable expense of whoever 
has to pay for the extra paper.

To finger notes in a collective way, IOW as illustrated, I thought that 
you were going to do it this way:

<<f a c>>_4_1^5


<<f a c>_4_1^5>

What happened?  Does the new manual use too old a development version?  
I wish that the reference would show both ways, and it wouldn't hurt to
explain why there are two <<of these>> now instead of <one>.  Is there
some way of making use of that?

IAC, the bug part of this is that the new online manual states that the 
example fingers individual notes when it actually does no such thing.  

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