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lilypond-book font weirdness

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: lilypond-book font weirdness
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 20:27:42 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> I'm still trying to understand why lilypond-book seems to have gone awry
> on my system.  I offer the following bits of information.
> This is from test.tex as generated by simply running Lilypond on my test
> file:
> \font\magfontISSYomMMBo=feta20 scaled 1000 
> \font\magfontASSYomMMBo=parmesan20 scaled 1000
> Result: normal
> This is the same set of lines from the *.tex file generated by
> lilypond-book:
> \font\magfontUSSYomMMBo=feta20 scaled 1000 
> \font\magfontMSSYomMMBo=parmesan20 scaled 1000
> Result: strange glyphs instead of "normal"
> The two methods are calling different fonts.  That much was apparent
> from the *.ps file but at least this puts a name on it.

I thought we had already traced the problem, you have two
installations of lily (one under /usr/ and one under /usr/local/ ),
and they get confused.  Ly2dvi and lilypond-book set up their own
environment, and are immune to the version mixup, but if you run
latex from the command line, you get the  wrong stuff, unless you have
sourced the correct lilypond-profile script first.  

I suggest to get rid of the old installation completely.

> Lilypond 1.7.28
> -David
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