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New website

From: Chris Jackson
Subject: New website
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 11:45:18 +0100

This new website is great - much more polished and professional!  I
particularly like the essay on automated engraving, the colourful "LilyPond
crash course", and the tidier navigation system.

I've just taken half an hour to do some rough proofreading for spelling and
grammar, hope you don't mind...

* general
Is there supposed to be // in all the URLs?
pedantic: a few missing full stops / punctuation at end of lines, and
inconsistently "inside." or "outside". quotes!

* http://lilypond.org/web/switch/

machines may be mechanic -> machines may be mechanical
we started writing programming  ->  we started writing this program
too much white space between the header and the paragraph
(are you sure about putting the "the name is Pond" thing on the front page?
A bit cheesy but I don't immediately have a better idea!)

* http://lilypond.org/web//about/faq.html

mimick -> mimic
terms GNU GPL -> Terms of the GNU General Public Licence (with web link to
the GPL?)
results in mechanical look -> results in a mechanical appearance
rendered as a PNG images ->  rendered as PNG images
converting 1.8 to 2.0 files needs overseeing. -> converting 1.8 to 2.0 files
will need overseeing. (? 2.0 isn't out yet!)

* http://lilypond.org/web//about/

Interested in backgrounds?  ->  Interested in the background theory?
with Linux Audio Developers group. -> with the Linux Audio Developers group.
Linx -> Linux in alt tag

* http://lilypond.org/web//about/features.html

builting Scheme interpreter -> built-in Scheme interpreter
should be more space between "PostScript output..." and "Conforms..."

* http://lilypond.org/web//about/thanks.html

Graham Parcival -> Graham Percival

* http://lilypond.org/web//devel/participating/localization.html

gramatically and stylishly  ->   grammatically and stylishly
it is preferrable -> it is preferable
Spurious paragraph breaks:
for the same<p> situation,
better to <p> translate a whole message


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