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Tremolo/stem bugs

From: John Williams
Subject: Tremolo/stem bugs
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 19:45:06 -0600 (MDT)

Attached is a file which illustrates some bugs/ugliness with tremolo

The worst one is that with a \stemUp-ed :32 tremolo above the staff, the
tremolo collides with the note head.  I actually looked at the code a bit
for this, and I noticed that it shortens stems above the staff, according
to good typesetting practices.  Although this shortening is overridden for
32nd and 64th notes (to make room for the beams), it does not check for
32nd or 64th tremolos, hence the collisions.  All the references to music
typesetting books scared me off, however: I decided I should leave the fix
to someone who owns the books.

The other thing I am illustrating is that the distances between the beams
and the tremolos is inconsistent, if you are adding tremolos to 8th or
16th notes.

In the attachment, line 1 is from music I was typesetting where I noticed
these problems.
Line 2 shows the tremolos colliding with the noteheads for :32 tremolos.
Line 3 shows the same for :64 tremolos.
Line 4 shows :32 tremolos on 8th notes, with the inconsistent spacing
between the beams and tremolos.  I have no idea what correct typesetting
practice might be to make this look good.
Line 5 shows the same for :64 tremolos.
Line 6 shows :32 and :64 tremolos on 16th notes.

I hope this is helpful to you.

~ John Williams

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