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From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: stave
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 17:17:01 -0400

Glad to have the glossary back!

Let's make that a formal request then.  Instead of echoing the HDM 1944 
by changing the "staff" entry to "staff or stave", it would be better to
add a separate entry for "stave" ("var. of staff, q. v."), because in 
HDM there are entries like "staffless notation" before where "stave" 
would be put.  Consider that a mistake in HDM.  Since lilypond source 
notes *are* staffless notation it is not unlikely that you might choose 
to have such an entry.  There is nothing incorrect about the use of 
either word, but I think you will find "stave" more often used with 
numbers, as in "12 stave music paper" or "eight stave lead sheet", or 
even a "single stave".  DaveA

The biggest losers of all are the winners of an unjust war.  Bush lied.
Thousands died.  Only the winning part is over.  It is necessary that
WMD be found, so they will be.      darnold4 at cox.net

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