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Lyrics bugs and bracket problem (NTG meeting)

From: Maarten Wisse
Subject: Lyrics bugs and bracket problem (NTG meeting)
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 13:34:20 +0200
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Dear Lilypond-developers,

First, congrats. with the release of 1.8. I've upgraded to it. As Han-Wen 
suggested at the NTG meeting last May in Zeist, I report some bugs with the 
lyrics handling. I basically try to mimic a modern edition of Lasso's 
Lectiones on Job (A&R editions, to be precise). I do not use \addlyrics 
functionality, because that caused even more problems. I don't report on them 
now. I have forgotten most of them because I quickly switched to manual note 
and lyrics combination. What I do want to mention, however, is that to my 
suprise, the switch from \addlyrics to manual combination results in much 
better note -- lyrics alignment.

My main worries are with the lyrics alignment. All problems are nicely 
illustrated by the attached fragment:

1. The first `Pec-' in the soprano is to much to the right. There seems to be 
a Lyrics.indent setting which might influence this, but I didn't try that 
out---Han-Wen suggested a bug report anyway.

2. The single hyphens used on the first note of a new bar -- ok, looks awful 
but this is how the critical edition has it -- is too much to the right.

3. `vi,' in the alto, tenor, and bass voices is too much to the left.

4. The __ after `vi,' in the soprano is too long. It should stop somewhere 
BEFORE the rest---no idea what the typograhical rule is for such things.

Finally, there is another problem appearing when one uses:
lilypond --header=texidoc filename.ly
latex filename.tex
dvips -E -o filename.eps filename.dvi
epstopdf filename.eps filename.pdf

The bounding box created in this way is not entirely correct for the bracket 
added by the ChoirStaff context. If one includes the pdf generated by 
epstopdf in LaTeX, the main part of the bracket will disappear (only top and 
bottom parts to the right are shown). When one includes the eps version in 
LaTeX with \includegraphics[width=\linewidth]{filename}, it becomes clear why 
in the PDF the bracket disappears. Using the eps version, the bracket moves 
into the margin. So the bounding box doesn't take the bracket into account in 
some way or another.

These are the main problems I would like to see solved before September 15th 
:-) Then, my dissertation should go to the printer. There are workarounds for 
problem 1 and 4. The others I won't know how to solve.

Maarten Wisse

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