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From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: bugs
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 10:34:52 -0400

%{ With the %%%%% stuff commented out the file runs but
it does not work as expected.  -2 is not in
front of the notehead.  There also is no way that I can
find to set the thickness of the staff lines.  In the manual
there are many many mentions of setting stem thicknesses
relative to the staff line thickness but nothing about how
to set the staffline thickness, and no Grob with the name
staffLine, Staffline, Staff.Line etc. etc.

Also, in the manual,
\notes \property \set Voice.fingerHorizontalDirection = #LEFT
lacks the \set, but in the text it says to "set" it.

Hope these help.  DaveA

min.ly  ----cut here----%}

\header { title = "Min"

\include "english.ly" %
\paper { papersize = "letter" }
\include "paper20.ly" %
measureSkip = \notes{s1}
% measureSkip = s1 doesn't work.
% doesn't work:
%%%%%lfinger = \notes \property \set Voice.fingerHorizontalDirection = #LEFT 

global = { \context Voice = global \notes {
% can't find any way of doing this at all:
%%%%%\property Staff.Line \override #'thickness = #0.8
\property Staff.Stem \override #'thickness = #1.0
\clef "G_8" \time 4/4   \key g \major 
\partial 4 s4
s2. }

top = { \context Voice = top \notes {
\stemUp %%%%%\lfinger
e'8 <<fs'-2>>
g'4^4 fs'8^2 e' ds'4^4 e'8 fs'^2
g'4^4 fs'8^2 e' ds'4^4 e'8 fs'^2
b4 cs'8 ds' e'4^4 d'8^4 c'
b2. } 

\score {
       \context Staff = guitar < 
                \property Staff.instrument = "Guitar"
        \paper { pagenumber = no
                 linewidth = 18.0 \cm
                 textheight = 9.0 \in
        \midi  { \tempo 4=94 }
% DaveA

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