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From: david ero
Subject: PLEASE
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 06:40:38 -0700


Dear brother, 

Compliments of the season to you.we pray that as you read this 
mail may God in his infinite mercy bless you and grant you good 
health and patience to read and digest the contents of this mail.Please this is 
not Scam in any way We are only orphans/lepers in Nigeria,begging for your 

ASSISTANCE?-Yes NIGERIA a country so rich,so much endowed with different 
natural resources, name it,we have it all. 
yet majority of its citizens are poor.this is as a result of bad 
leadership.Our past,and present leaders are corrupt,crooks, criminals.They have 
embezzled all the money in the treasury,Money
 made for the development of the country and the elleviation of 
suffering of the masses.this money are stolen and kept in foreign banks abroad 
. The executive,the lesgislators and even members 
of the judiciary are guity of this act.Yet they lie to the 
world, give wrong impression about us that we are not suffering. i tell you , 
90% of Nigerians are poor and suffering.this is why many 
young nigerians are in foreign countries doing all sort of 
jobs,our ladies are forced to sell their bodies,for survival. graduates are 
jobless,no jobs nothing, except you are dubious you can't survive in 
Nigeria.Money meant for the nations development are been siphoned to 
foreign banks in western countries, billion of us dollars are being transfered 
daily to banks abroad.It will take me a long time to narrate the ordeals of 
this nation

As a result of this, we the inmates of Ossiomo orphage/lepers home 
decided to cry out for help, we have been begging our
government and well meaning Nigerians to come to our aid ,but all 
to no avail.This orphanage home established in 1980
by the then governor of Bendel state has been completely 
abandoned,we are totally forgotten. our buildings are falling
apart,no clothes, no food, nothing.We have resulted to 
begging,which is the only hope and the only way forward for now
majority of us are old and very weak,what we do now is to go to 
major highways in Nigeria,hang around, in areas where 
there are pot-holes (because motorist plighing the road will be 
forced to slow down in these bad spots)and beg for money
to feed and educate ourselves.some of us are in lagos-benin 
expressway,benin-onitsha expressway-. The wives of our leaders
i.e the wives of the president and his vice,wives of the 36 
states governors in Nigeria are all claiming that,they have orphanage 
homes here, where they help the needy they sort funds from international 
communities with the influence of their husbands in power, also money is given 
to them by goverment to run orphanages which does not exist. the money given to 
them are kept in their foreign bank
 account for their private use They are all scammers.Ours is 
real, ask any of your friends who has travelled by road within 
Nigeria if he/ she saw us.

Please we are appealling to you to help us to help save our souls please come 
to our assistance, Please whatever little 
donations made to us in cash or in kind, we be highly appreciated, and it will 
go a long way to elleviate the suffering of the inmates of Ossiomo  
orphanage/leper home.it will also help in the reduction of crime in 
Nigeria.Help us,for we are beggers,we dont have families,no 
friend, abandoned by our government. All we have is our God and you, please 
don't neglet us too. Nothing is too small.we know its not easy 
overthere But whatever you give will be given back to you a thousand 
fold.May the Good God bless you,soften your heart about us.in 
this process of bringing happiness and smiles to our lives.

We are sorry for disturbing you with a bulky mail such as this. 
Thanks also for your patience and time.please we patiently 
awaits your response to this email. your advice will be appreciated also.May 
God bless you and your family in jesus name. Amen

Your brothers/Sisters in need

David Ero 

Ossiomo Orphanage home.

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