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From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: voice-warning
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 11:17:01 +0200
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I have a feeling that voice-warning might be considered pretty close to 
not-a-bug right now. So I'd like to state that this is not the case: There 
are situations where the voice-warning bug is very annoying.

I'm working on a vocal piece which is composed of a number of different 
sections, say A,B,C,D. These are sung in sequence, but I know that they might 
be moved around in a later stage; and sections without lyrics may be inserted 
between the sections as well.

Now the natural way for me to notate this, would be the following:

\new Staff \notes {
 \context Voice=A \SongA
 \context Voice=B \SongB
 \context Voice=C \SongC
 \context Voice=D \SongD
\new Lyrics <<
 \lyricsto A \LyrA
 \lyricsto B \LyrB
 \lyricsto C \LyrC
 \lyricsto D \LyrD

But this gives me 1000+ lines of warnings due to voice-warning.


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