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Fret number does not match note

From: marc
Subject: Fret number does not match note
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 12:20:53 +0200


In the following score with staff and tab, the generated
fret index for the first "a8" that matches "a8\5" in the tab
is generated in the output as "fret 12 on the A string" and should
Be "fret 0".
If I put "a,8\5" in the tab the ouput is correct. But should the 
tab and score contain the same notes with the same octave ?


Score is:
\score  {
  \context StaffGroup <<
      \context Staff {
        \relative c
        \partial 2
           r8 a8 c8 <d a> 
           <d a>  <d a> c <bes f bes d>
      \context TabStaff {
        \relative c
        \partial 2
           r8 a8\5 c8\5 <d\4 a\3>
           <d\4 a\3> <d\4 a\3> c <bes f bes d>

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