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Re: Bugs n' wishes.

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Bugs n' wishes.
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 12:01:26 +0200
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On Tuesday 22 June 2004 10.18, address@hidden wrote:
> Hello hardworking underpayed Lilypond programmer (-s?).
> Reguarding version 2.2.2 I've encountered a few bugs:
> 1. The "\tempo 4 = 100", command produces only a note above the lines, no
> equals sign or beat/min. value.

Cannot reproduce.

> 2. The repeat with different endings fucks up time adding bars untimely -
> somebody noticed and left you a comment, here is yet another.

Yes, it's a known problem, but thanks anyways.. it's useful to know it's 

> 3. The \clef "g^8", command is not recogniced 

g should be capitalised, "G^8"

> and \clef "treble^8" fails to 
> add a digit 8 above the clef.

Cannot reproduce, works fine here. (2.2.1, 2.2.3). 

Could you please send small examples which demonstrate 1 and 3, and which do 
not work for you?

> Also I would greatly appreaciate( how is my spelling?) a possibility of
> forced newline, 

try \break

> in order to end a melody and start another at the same 
> piece of paper. And it would be a fine service if I could reduce the
> margin/blank space at the top of the page. Finally I would love to be able
> to write a large beautiful number just left of a line where I start a new
> melody (there is allready a fine indentation). 

I don't understand - have you tried setting Staff.instrument or Staff.instr?


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