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Repeats with Chord names - bad default choice, maybe

From: John Sellers
Subject: Repeats with Chord names - bad default choice, maybe
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:32:00 -0700
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I am very new to lilypond and my first attempts at a lead sheet (for violin w/guitar chord names) worked well exept that in repeats, the chords are written ABOVE the alternative brackets instead of next to the staff between the alternative repeat brackets and the staff...writing below the repeat bracket and above the staff is the default in just about all fake books.

I took my lead sheet from the lead sheet templete for a simple melody line with chords written above the staff.

I am not sure how this is controlled. I have poked around all the related examples and the repeat related regression testing I could find, and I didn't find anywhere this particular combination was exercised.

Also when I have a chord name with a flat or sharp, the flat or sharp was written in the wrong size. It seemed to fit the staff rather than the font of the cord name, although I could be mistaken about this.

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