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Re: Making a lilypond-book -- IT WORKS...sort of

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Making a lilypond-book -- IT WORKS...sort of
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 12:42:05 +0200
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Having had a look at the full files, I realize what's up, namely
a missing feature in lilypond-book!

The problem is that your file mvmt1/mvmt1.ly includes
other files from the subdirectory mvmt1, using lines such as:
\include "violino1.ly"
\include "violino2.ly"
\include "viola.ly"

The same goes for mvmt3/mvmt3.ly.

Since the lilypond program is run in the base directory, it
didn't find the include files in the subdirectories mvmt1/
and mvmt3/. To solve that, you probably used

lilypond-book -I mvmt1/ --output=out/ tchai_op35_book.tex

which means that both mvmt1/mvmt1.ly and mvmt3/mvmt3.ly will
include the files from the same directory: mvmt1/

The best solution would be if it was possible to specify a
separate include directory for each \lilypondfile{...} or
\begin{lilypond}...\end{lilypond} directive. I could imagine
a syntax like \lilypondfile[includepath="mvmt1"]{mvmt1/mvmt1.ly}

However, until this feature request has been implemented, I'm afraid
you will have to add the directory name in every \include statement,
for example
\include "mvmt1/violino1.ly"
\include "mvmt1/violino2.ly"
\include "mvmt1/viola.ly"
in the file mvmt1/mvmt1.ly

\include "mvmt3/violino1.ly"
\include "mvmt3/violino2.ly"
\include "mvmt3/viola.ly"
in the file mvmt3/mvmt3.ly

Then you should call lilypond-book without any additional include path
lilypond-book -o out/ tchai_op35_book.tex

Of course, this makes the solution less flexible, since if you change
the directory structure, you have to change all the \include directives.
Also, it means that the mvmt1/mvmt1.ly file will not work stand-alone
(to solve this latter problem, you could consider to move the mvmt1.ly
and mvmt3.ly files to the top directory).


Mats Bengtsson wrote:
I don't understand what's going on here. Could you please send
the full example (in a private email if you wish) or send the
- The generated .tex file that you process with latex.
- The output of 'grep renameinput lily-*.ly' (to be run in the
  output directory of lilypond-book.


Will Oram wrote:

A more serious problem is that I can't seem to have multiple \lilypondfile's in one .tex file. This is my code:
     \title {Violin Concerto in D Major}
     \subtitle {Opus 35}
     \author {Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky}
     \date {\today}
     {\huge{I. Allegro Moderato}} \\
     {\huge{III. Finale}} \\
The resulting output is the title page, mvmt1 header, mvmt1, NO header at all, mvmt1 AGAIN. What's up?

I tried your example with some small files in mvmt1.ly and mvmt3.ly and
it works fine here. You can hopefully get a hint on what's up if you
run lilypond-book with the additional flag --verbose and also take a
careful look at the printouts from LaTeX.

--verbose doesn't reveal much, other than it is indeed compiling the same mvmt1 twice. The last thing lilypond-book says that's on track is 'input renamed to: `mvmt3/mvmt3.ly''. After that it proceeds to reprocess mvmt1.

 I recommend to remove all
lily-*.ly files first to make sure that lilypond-book reruns all the

AFAIK, I have to do that every time I build this project, else I get 'All snippets are up to date', whether or not that's actually true.

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