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Re: Found a bug with chords and alternate endings

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Found a bug with chords and alternate endings
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 10:11:22 +0200
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On Friday 09 July 2004 00.35, Brian Clements wrote:
> Windows 2000 version 2.2.2
> I found that when I have chords over an 8 bar solo space with two 2 bar
> alternate endings, and the \set chordChanges = ##t  property (is that
> what you would call it?) is turned on, it thinks that the last bar of
> the first ending is before the first bar of the second ending. It should
> think that the 6th bar of the repeated phrase comes before the first bar
> of the second ending. So in my case, that 6th bar (the bar before and
> alternate endings) ends on a d:dim. My first ending is all G:m7. When
> you read to the second ending, I have a G:m7 on that first bar, but it
> doesn't display it cause its reading the previous two bars. I
> expirimented with \break, didn't work. Also when I used the \break right
> before the second alternated ending, NO chords displayed on the second
> ending. Here's a snippit:

Thanks. I added the following to our bug repository.

Question is whether the third alternative (C) in this example should be 
written out or not. I would guess that it should be rewritten, to avoid 
confusion (it is hard to remember things across volta brackets, and it 
doesn't cost much to add a reminder). Comments are welcome.

(I suppose that it would be easier to code this also, just clear the 
chordChanges memory in the beginning of each alternative)

\version "2.2.4"
\header {texidoc = "
Chord names are sometimes repeated incorrectly under \\alternatives.

Both G:s, but possibly not the C, should be shown.

\score {
  \new ChordNames { \set chordChanges = ##t \chords {
    \repeat volta 3 { c1 }
      \alternative { {g1} {g1} {c1} }
  \new Voice \notes {
    \repeat volta 3 { c1 }
      \alternative { {g1} {g1} {c1} }


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