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call me ple

From: emma_sogc
Subject: call me ple
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 16:28:21 +0100

Dear Sir,
My name is Mr.Emma.S.Taylor , a Personal assistance, working for, Mr. Jean
Bertrand Aristide (former president of Haiti) in Latin America ,who was recently
forced out of power and sent on exile, through political rigging of elections.

The South Africa government has offered him asylum considering the political
logjam in Haiti, but he wishes to invest his remaining wealth in your country,
away from the public interest. His major field of interest for the investment
is in Trade financing or Real Estate financing, which will be managed by
you or by your appointed management consultant.
Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide, with two of his party members, Have the sum of
two hundred and fifty million United States Dollars ($250M),which they intended
to use for their next parliamentary election, but with the present political
problem facing the party, thus hereby decided to relocate the funds to your
country for investment, into real estates, and project financing.

Based on my close contact with his party members, I have been mandated to
source for a foreign contact / proxy who is capable to control / Hold the
funds on investment, within a minimum period of 2 to 3 years, hence my decision
to contact you in quest for a credible person.
On your response I will forward you details on how we intend to complete
the transaction and the possibility of meeting with you for detailed arrangement
on the type of investment, You will be paid 10% of the fund as ?Trusteeship
fees? for receiving the funds as proxy in this transaction.

NOTE: If you are in a position to assist or advice please contact us soonest,
with your Full Name and contact detail.as soon as I receive your response
I shall forward your details to the financial adviser, For further directive.



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