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Weak Combining Parts

From: Will Oram
Subject: Weak Combining Parts
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 16:29:18 -0500

I've got a staff that combines two parts. It alternates between unison and unique music for each part. The unique music looks OK. The unison bits, though, aren't quite right. One would expect an 'a2' stuck on top of one (not two) set of notes. Instead I get two of everything, even if they're exactly alike. Two rests, two stems, two beams, etc.

Example below. So is the implementation for this feature not 100% up to snuff, an isolated bug, or a feature in disguise? Also observe the last note in this output (eflat1.). Is a dotted whole note near the centre correct placement?



\version "2.4.1"

#(set-global-staff-size 13)

\include "english.ly"

partOne = {
        \clef "treble"
        \key d \minor
        \time 6/4
        e4 r r r2.
        r r4 r a,16( bflat c d

partTwo = {
        \clef "treble"
        \key d \minor
        \time 6/4
        g4\! r r r2.
        r r4 r a16( bflat c d

\score {
        \new Staff <<
                        \relative d'' { \partOne }
                        \relative d'' { \partTwo }

        \layout { \context { \RemoveEmptyStaffContext } }

Will Oram
spamguy ^^AT^^ foxchange.com // william.oram ^^AT^^ cwru.edu // AIM spamguy21

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