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Re: one-line percussion staff, barlines, bar rests and dynamics

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: one-line percussion staff, barlines, bar rests and dynamics
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 19:20:22 +0100
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It's always better if you can supply a complete (but small) example.

Why not use the RhythmicStaff context if you only want a one-line
staff? See
This will give you bar lines.

However, I don't understand why the bar lines are there when you set
line-count = #2 or higher but disappear when you set line-count = #1.

For the whole bar rest, it seems that you can fool LilyPond to print
what you want with
\override MultiMeasureRest #'staff-position = #-0.001
whereas setting it to zero gives the result you report.


Antti Kaihola wrote:
I just tried percussion notation for the first time (with today's CVS)
and noticed a couple of quirks.

No barlines:

I need a percussion staff above a normal five-line staff (piano left
hand). If I make the percussion staff a one-line staff, it doesn't have
barlines anymore. It doesn't matter if I use a StaffGroup or not, I
always get barlines for the lower staff only.

Here's my score layout:

\context StaffGroup <<
\new DrumStaff \with { \override StaffSymbol #'line-count = #1 } << \maracas
           \dynamicsmaracas >>
    \new Staff
        << \piano
           \dynamicspiano >>

Ugly bar rests:

On the percussion staff, I have bars like this:
\time 6/8

The bar rest floats above the staff line, when it should be hanging
downwards from it.

Dynamics too close:

DynamicText and Hairpin objects are drawn on top of my music on the
on-line percussion staff unless I specify extra-offset for them.

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