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Re: GrandStaff and StaffGroup does not mix

From: Herman Grootaers
Subject: Re: GrandStaff and StaffGroup does not mix
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 16:23:39 +0200
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On Wednesday 01 June 2005 11:03, Erik Sandberg wrote:
> On Monday 30 May 2005 21.57, Herman Grootaers wrote:
> > Ladies and Gentlemen,
> >
> > As I am rewriting a score for my other choir, which performs russian,
> > ukrainian, and white-russian folkmusic, I ran into this mind-boggling
> > problem;
> >
> > a: How to connect the lyrics to the three staves in the GrandStaff,
> > b: The text is printed in <bold>_bold_</bold> in the heading as in the
> > body, in an earlier attemt to get this score up and running,
> > c: In the current version, when I am using a GrandStaff and a StaffGroup,
> > only the StaffGroup is converted to output, the Grandstaff generates
> > consistently errors about needing music already in the score and this is
> > the old music.
> If you have 2 music expressions in a score, e.g.
> \new StaffGroup << ... >>
> and
> \new GrandStaff << ... >>
> you must combine them into one music expression.
> You probably want to do that like this:
> <<
> \new StaffGroup << ... >>
> \new GrandStaff << ... >>
> Regarding the other problems: Can you try to isolate your problems, i.e.
> create a fairly minimal score that gets the same problems? This is often a
> good way to understand what went wrong, and if it's a bug, it will be a lot
> easier for you to explain the problem.

Thanks, this solved my problem partially. Now I have the score running as I 
want it, but the lyrics I can not get to the place I want. The lyrics must go 
under each bar of the GrandStaff, and not under the GrandStaff. this because 
I think the director will get us to sing different lyrics to the score on 
different times in the shows we perform in.

BTW, should this be included or referred to into the manual, as I think many 
novices, as I am, will stumble on. The regression-test has maybe an example, 
but something in the manual should be better, because the RTFM is one of the 
first things I do when something doesnot happen as I think they should.

Maybe you can give me some more hints on this.

For the other subjects I have made a testversion of the script to show you 
what I want to say.

Thanks in advance,
Herman Grootaers

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