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TabNoteHead position

From: VSD
Subject: TabNoteHead position
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 14:40:22 +0200
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I think that the position of the TabNoteHeads in tablatures is incorrect. By default, lily places the fret numbers are placed *above* the strings, but that's confusing, and usually they are placed *over*
the strings.

The examples in the manual itself at "Tablatures basic" and "Non-guitar tablatures" give a somehow bad impression about how Lilypond handles tablature, imho (for instance to a newcomer which reviews
lilypond for the first time).

There's a very easy workaround by overriding the TabNoteHead offset in the TabStaff engraver
initialization (in engraver-init) by adding:

\override TabNoteHead #'extra-offset = #'(0 . -0.45)

but, shouldn't this be set by default?



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