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Several problems with 2.5.27 version on Windows ME

From: Brynne and Russ Jorgensen
Subject: Several problems with 2.5.27 version on Windows ME
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 22:23:23 -0600
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I am brand new to lilypond, so I apologize if I'm reporting some bugs that are really just some confusion in my mind. But, I'm an experienced s/w engineer, and I feel relatively confident that most, if not all, of this list are problems.

Initially I didn't realize that 2.5.27 is in development, and that 2.4 is the stable release. The 'news' says 2.5.27 is a release candidate for the upcoming 2.6 version, but I'd say it still has a ways to go on the Windows platform. I'll revert to the 2.4 stable release and hopefully will have more luck.

I'm running Windows ME. A few of the issues may be peculiar to this OS, but others are not.

Anyway, here are the problems I encountered with 2.5.27...

1) If you install into C:\Program Files\LilyPond, the supplied lilypond.bat file does not work correctly - the line that does 'set PATH=C:\Program Files\LilyPond\usr\bin;%PATH%' throws out a 'too many parameters' error. I think this must be peculiar to WindowsME, but it seems that you can't have spaces when setting PATH, so the funky msdoss-ey type path (C:\PROGRA~1 or whatever it is) is the way around.

2) The start menu and desktop get shortcuts to lilypond.bat, but when you run them, you get a bunch of 'out of environment space' errors. Again, this may be peculiar to WindowsME. The way around for me was to go into the shortcut properties, and change the memory/initial environment setting from 'auto' to 4096.

3) About the lilypond.bat shortcuts, I don't really get the point - since lilypond is not a GUI program, all that happens when you double click on the shortcut is that it briefly shows a command window and then exits.

4) There's a typo in lilypond.bat - the 'goto cdw' should be 'goto cwd' (doesn't match the label).

5) All the documentation I've found says that lilypond converts to PDF, but all I ever got were PS files. Even the logfile explicitly said it was creating a PDF, but if it did, it wasn't in the folder with the .ly file, and I could never find where the PDF went.

6) When you run lilypad on a .ly file, you never even get a window - it just immediately exits.

So, a few things to chew on for the 2.5.28 version... As for me, I'll try 2.4.

- Russ Jorgensen

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