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scheme function doesn't work anymore

From: VSD
Subject: scheme function doesn't work anymore
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:28:01 +0200
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I was successfully using the following simple scheme function in all the 2.5.x series until 2.5.29-1 (all win native under WXP):

ChordOffset = #(def-music-function (parser location offset) (pair?)
        \override ChordNames.ChordName #'extra-offset = #$offset

mychords = \chordmode
        \ChordOffset #'(-0.75 . 0)

        ges2:maj7.4+ des2:9 ...

but in version 2.5.29-2 this doesn't work anymore. The log file is:

# -*-compilation-*-
Changing working directory to `C:/music/tst'
Processing `C:/music/kk.ly'

... and I don't get any output file. If I replace the function call by the corresponding lilypond code:

\override ChordNames.ChordName #'extra-offset = #'(-0.75 . 0)

then it works as expected.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks and greetings,


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